A Smile is All We Need To Force!

Leaving an imprint of ours;
We keep making circles on the globe.
Getting a few stickers and some scars;
We get through the path of life, So dope!

Moving a day ahead with hope;
Alas! Leaving a day behind we remorse.
Rejoicing our life, having alot to cope;
Even against the mist, A smile is all we need to force.

Happiness and sadness lie in our hand;
What we choose is all we get.
Better to get a smile to append
In a place in this world to bet
On our sparkle eyes making them amend
To keep our memory alive from the day we met.

A burn inside, makes us shine outside;
Even admist the heat course.
All we need is to keep the gloom aside;
Having even nothing in hand, A smile is all we need to force.

Making memories, Smiling along the way!

She Smiles :)

Admist a bloodthirsty-rushing world;
There lives a little sassy girl.
Having wild imaginations and curiosity enwhirled;
Taking cautious steps, she crosses every hurdle.

Yes, she falls and breaks a million times;
But pop herself up every single while.
She smell the cherry even in a field of limes;
Arming herself up with a gun, she smiles and smiles and smiles.

Everyone watches her with fire red eyes;
She gives them a wink and chilli to get the spice.
She sings and dances raising her hand up for some high fives;
She runs after every trophy like a cat chasing a mice.

Yes, she get to see a million lies that make her torn;
But she smashes them up and go on with her drives.
Dancing in a field of roses, she dodge every thorn;
Like a Queen who doesn’t need a King for her thrown, she smiles and smiles and smiles.

Photo by Ali Madad Sakhirani on Pexels.com

The Song of Life

With each passing second
We live a new blue memory;
Dancing and singing we live the flow
Doing alot of fun in a periphery.

Promising our soul to live each moment
We go on and on and on;
Finding life between the grass and the sky
We sing the song of life from the morning till the dawn.

Holding each others hand
we together go ahead;
Creating our bubble in this wide world
Love and joy is what we append.

With each passing second
We fight with a gun lika a don;
Battling in the field of life
We sing the song of life from the morning till the dawn.

Photo by Viktoria Alipatova on Pexels.com


A golden sparrow flew high in the sky,
Burning black crow shook her wealth dry.
Furious fellow only saw a shining lie
While the riches were kept in a priceless heart nearby.

When the burning black crow tried to seize the heart,
A warrior shot him with a dart.
The golden sparrow wanted a new start
But alas! Her strength got divided in parts.

Skint sparrow started to lose hope;
Nope! The warrior didn’t let her elope.
He tied all the shattered parts with a rope
And viewed a merry horoscope.

The golden sparrow again took her flight,
The Ganges beneath her saluted with a warrior, a knight.
She flew high in the sky with Red Fort alongside
Where the Tricolor stood bright.


Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

Like a Beam of Light

It passes by
Like a beam of light;
Helping us to fly
With courageous fight.

With sound of a tick and tock
It goes on and on;
For any of us it never stops
Be it John or Shawn.

Some try to go behind it,
Many try to go beyond.
Only those who match the pace can fit
Or those who find a magic wand.

With each passing step,
It teaches us alot to accept;
Storing masses of memories
And loads of life to adapt.

It passes by
Like a beam of light;
Guess what is it
That is so fatal yet polite.

Life if well lived, is long enough.

Lucius Annaeus Seneca
Photo by Stanislav Kondratiev on Pexels.com

जिंदगी की यादे !

कैसी सी है ये जिंदगी!

यह हम सोचले हैं कभी-कभी।

बीते दिन जब दिल तोड़ आँसू बहात थे,

उन्ही को याद कर मुस्कुराते है।

यार-दोस्तों के साथ जो हस कर खिलखिलाते थे,

उसी की याद में आज रोते है।

कल जी घर में हम तमाशा करते थे,

आज उस ही तमाशे को हम ही रोकते हैं।

नाजाने कब हम खुले पंछी से गुलाम बन गए,

परंतु अब उसी गुलामी में अपनी छतरी ढूंढते है|

जिंदगी की पहेली तो चलती जाएगी दोस्तो,

दो पल ठहर कर कुछ बीती यादों में ही जिदगी ढूंढते हैं।

The Photograph of My Life

A sweet life, savour all memories
Be it bitter or sour;
All the days of your life it sees
Be it one, two or more.

Taking a snapshot of our everyday
The journey proceeds in its usual way.
Where we were found to be
singing, laughing and dancing in whee!

In a photograph or our memory,
A life is saved from the world;
Within our vision it maybe a bit blurry
But inside our soul’s its fully whirled.

Saved the photograph of my life inside my soul
Away from the toxic world i.e. so adored;
For it to remind me everyday how to rock and roll
So i chill in life and never get bored!

Photo credits to Lisa Fotios on Pexels.com

A Shot!

Every child wanna grow up
Amusement in their own new way
Grown ups wanna throw up
Maybe they forgot how to sway!

We know that humans have a short memory
They act so differently every single day
One day they laugh, the other day they worry
I don’t know how they do it in a so fine way!

I always wanted to grow up
Light up the world with my wild imaginations
Now the world seems to be a huge wide cup
And I seem to be a little teapot.

Yeah, somewhere i know I would never give up
I think i am ready to be a fatter teapot
I’ll make my imaginations a reality
I don’t know how far I may go, But let’s give it a shot!

Let’s pour it a bit!

Dreams to Live!

Dreams seem to be so magical in a sleep, we never know when they’ll appear. Why can’t we build them into reality? Or maybe we can. Some people get dreams of a magical angel, some get of a daring knight. Thinking for a second now, isn’t it boring? Why do we live our dreams only when we are asleep with our eyes closed, where we can justsee what it looks like to live a dream? Why don’t we just take our dreams as a signal by God to make it reality. To all those who are asleep in their dreams and are living such a boring-waste-useless life in reality where they are actually alive. People dreams aren’t just a fascination, these are visuals of our subconscious; i.e. these are those pictures which we wanr our life to be and has that somewhere in our mind but are afraid of the pain and suffering that we have to take to make that true. Yes my friend, I know it’ll be tough-hard-difficult, but if it ain’t hurning, it ain’t helping. I don’t get it why people are scared of failures and sufferings, for me they are the sub-trophies and proofs to us that yes we are working hard and we need to work harder and harder every single day to be the best version of us; To not even leave one solo day where we are worthless and wasted.

So, get up and chase all your dreams like a lion chases a dear, then grab it and live it. I can assure you if you give it you all, your 100%; There ain’t any possible power that can stop you to achieve it. And yes mark my words, I said give it a 100 not so don’t ever slack. My friend, don’t just sit as a wasted trash. I can guarantee you that yes it may be tough at the beginning, but with time you’ll start to love the journey more than your destination. It’ll give you a feeling of contentment and a drive of hunger to grow. It’ll give you an assurance that yes my life is not a waste and I am a useful part of this ecosystem and not a liability, not a freelancer. So get up, and run: Run as fast as no one would be able to catch you up. Run as fast as you could even be able to fly high in the sky; as fast as even gravity wouldn’t be able to bind you up! Its our time now and we must make it. Why? Because when we turn above 90, evaporating on a white mush bed, we can lye at peace that we did something in life, we did something for society, we were born for a good reason. And when I say society, I don’t just mean you , your friends and your family; I mean the whole-freaking-world i.e. the complete globe or maybe farther , the milky way galaxy or even the universe. There ain’t a limit until we create it, So, be an open system and don’t create your boundary. I believe, You can make it!

If you can dream it, You have every right to live it. Only you and you can make it happen- No one else. So go and live a life not just survive it!

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