A Step Down <3

Not everyday is yours to shine,

Sometimes the spotlight gets blur.

After a moment it still gets fine,

Coz no wound has no cure.

Every individual is a separate rockstar,

You’re the top class one.

There’s no such narcissist like ours,

Everything’s perfect, it’s just like done.

Take a second or two to revive,

Coz loss can cost you high to endure.

There’s no such thing like failure that’s live,

Just a step down that can be healed by taking two more.

Step Up !

Just about to fall down the mountain,
One foot stopped me.
Heart sighed- ‘It would be a life stain’,
Confused me and their came a honey bee.
Reminded me not to lose my brain,
Thinking-Thinking and the bee flew ‘whee!’.

Grip the step up,
Millions of hopes on me still detain.
Other step up
Coz their support can’t just go vain.
Signal them to pick up the cup,
Party is on babe, start again!

A Rising Small Town Girl!

A mind of passion with some sparkle in those young eyes. A girl is able to handle the future if she pushes herself above rather than being a supporter of some dull old fire flies. She has a mind of diamond and a heart of cherry. Just some removal of discriminations and a girl will flourish. Why do we say that ‘ There is a woman’s hand behind every successful man. ‘ Why can’t we say the vice versa ? A small town girl is suppressed under these old wrinkled wounds. Can anyone pick the small town girl above ? Can anyone be the hand behind the success of the small town girl ?

A small town girl is beneath the old fashioned thoughts. Some amazing ideas and a bunch of love is pushed down… in the gloomy well of some old wrinkled thoughts.

A girl wanna blow some love and some passion with her charming sweet hands. Let her blow some positivity in the dark blurry sky. Why? Why not? There is just the difference of a ‘why’ and a ‘why not’ behind the success of a small town girl. Why is she always left to stable the household? Why can’t she settle some business or work in a job? Yes, i know that now there are a number of girls working in various sectors. But, still the small town girl is not able to reach the big flourishing cities. Please let her rise and shine and blow some happiness in a world partly filled with sorrow… Will that be fine? Why can’t it be fine, it will be more than that.

A small town girl full of passion and love is suppressed

Let her blow some love, it will make you blessed!

What can we do to bring a small town girl above?

There are many of us who want to help the small town girl rise but just don’t know how can they do that. Actually, it is not that tough. We just have to change some old habits and rules. Yes, i know that it’s kinda tough to change any xyz person’s mind. But we are not here to change their complete mind but just a set of wrinkled blurred mindset. So, we can organise certain NGOs that can help the girl and provide her opportunities. Some campaigns and awarness programmes can also work alot change the old mindset. As a student also, we can create some posters or write some blogs related to the issue so that the people who can go there and serve on our behalf can know more about the issue and get some ideas. What do you think? It’s now that difficult right?

Why do we have to help the girl rise?

Dude see, we are just some common human beings born on this small planet Earth. What do you think are we born for if we cannot even help some brilliant ideas and sparkle eyes to shine. Such a useless life it would be if in all these approx a hundred years we cannot even be a helping hand and devote our one day/ week in our complete lifetime. How useless we are if we cannot spend our one day/week to help a small girl and make her life usefull. Just a small thought of ours and a big life ahead for her.

What do we get after helping the small town girl?

What did your mother get after she gave birth to you? If you wanna help someone firstly I would say don’t expect any returns because then you will never get those. Even if you get you can never be satisfied or happy because this was what you expected. An unexpected blessing or gift is even better than an expected set of money. Moreover, you will feel happy after giving a new birth to that girl. She can serve the world. You can turn a country’s liability to a human resourse. What else do you expect to get in return besides blessings of her family, blessings of her town and at most blessings of god to you who will be proud to know that it was not a waste to make you.

An eye full of love

An eye full of love is waiting for you arrival

She wants you to help her for her survival

Why do you wanna waste the two lives?

Of hers and yours, help her remove some hearty knives.

Listening to music,? Share some with her to… she will also enjoy the life and help you make you feel alive providing someone else a new life. Save the small town girl, this will help you feel more usefull and bright. This is just the starting baby, the whole world is waiting for you to go tighten your seat belts and start helping the world. Share some your resources, god will give you double more, lighten the diyas in her house also… diwali is not that bore. Spread some colors on others life too maybe yours will gain double more. Love is just a word darling, not everyone is ready to endure.

The Poor, The Rich!

The poor, The rich
Who is more likely to hit the shore?
A candle light dinner with a lich,
Family gathering is much adored.

Love brings us a cherry smile,
Money helps fake love refine.
True friendship doesn’t need a business account file,
Just a glow to heart that shine.

The poor, The rich
Tens you have millions you want more,
Even the tens wanna ditch
Bcoz you want paper not crore.
Suffered from a heart glitch,
Didn’t realise the value of love waiting for you at the door.

Got hung up for awhile,
Happiness is all I want not a fine dine.
A low cost shelter tile
Is enough for a beautiful smile of mine!

One Life

One tender life,
Such brisk world.
No time to revive,
Take a safe swirl.

Million of memories cherished,
Regrets kept out of the league.
Joy is all replenished,
Sadness is sick of fatigue.

One tiny life,
Love-hate twirled.
Hate receives the knife,
Love is all that pearl.

Pinch of maturity garnished
In cradle of baby Jig.
Wrinkled skin planned to nourish,
Life asked HIG ?

Childhoon – A Golden Era!

Childhood really seems a fable story
Searching to attain some glory,
A tiny creature, a tender heart
A long journey’s remarkable part.

Two kind hands in a pure soul
Running free like a lovely mole,
A pinch of passion in those sparkle eyes
With no requirement of hair colour dyes.

No rules, No stress, No competition
Every mistake forgiven without any petition,
Alas! That innocence would never be back
Though a sign of maturity would always lack

~ Vamika Mendiratta ♡

Corona – a learning experience

We fall. We break. We fail.
But then, We rise. We heal. We overcome.

Looking at the current scenario of the globe, we all are in a fright. A panicking situation has been arisen which is being a cause of stress for numerous people. However, if this pressurized situation would be overstretched, people might start dying of stress even after being prevented from Coronavirus. Yes I agree that after all it’s not easy to overcome such a devastating pandemic which is a topic of worry. But just a thought, Is your worry for your family, friends or the world affecting anyone else besides harming you? The answer is ‘ No! ‘. It’s just rising your anxiety and anger that is having such a negative effect on your health. Hence, the conclusion comes out to stop torturing your own soul.

Now, the big question is how to get rid of these negative stressful thoughts?
The best solution to this problem is meditation. Have faith in god. Wait! Be careful to this one. I am asking you to trust god not to blindly have faith in god. For example, pray to god and ask for help, dont run over streets at this point of time and shout that ” God is with me! “. No offence to anyone please, but suffering from this crucial situation, we need to realize the importance of social distancing.

A very big question these days is that – What to do in lockdown?
Not only children but even the elders are fed up of working from home. Children wanna go out and play. Youngsters want to meet their friends and go to their schools or colleges. The household work has annoyed all the women. Men are missing their offices and late night parties.
See the best thing we can do at home is to build up our immunity, develop some good skills and listen to music with a delicious cup of Dalgona Coffee. And yeah, kids don’t forget to help your mothers.

Moving on to the last and most important piece of matter, that needs a quick discussion between all the human beings.
We all have been disrespecting the precious gifts of god. The air, water, land and soil were all being eroded by the human activities. The Supreme being that is the God who was observing this all, is now helping the globe to heal by pausing all the negatory human activities. The expression ‘ Even the night has stars in it. ‘ explains it all.

Thank you!

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