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Her Sky

A butterfly flew so high,
A facade of a beautiful flower
Was all it took to make her sigh,
Attracting her down, made her sky blur.

It was too admirable
To believe it was real;
But her moments blissful
And some lies made it surreal.

Suddenly, the flower closed its petals
Trying to trap her lovely wings;
But the butterfly was not ready to fall
‘Gonna get through’ she sings and sings.

She opened all the traps
To make her way back to her sky;
She taking fast and lean steps
Is again learning to fly.

Yes, this journey gave her power
Made her learn alot;
Absorbing all her lessons in her colours
Now, she’s even more learned and taught.

The butterfly learned to always fight;
Coz she knows it makes her more adorable and bright.

Photo by Magda Ehlers on

It’s all a part of the journey.

~ Muserista

Within our Souls

With our every step
And our every breathe;
Walks with us some little creepy trolls
With us, its only them who stays and strolls.

Through our joy and success
Even our failure and distress;
Consoling us with such amore
‘Its all good.’ is only them who can assure.

Alas! some of us are to busy to find them out
Searching for them we scream and shout;
Unable to find them even in the tiniest hole
An uneasy feeling for their loss always make us lose control.

At the end of the day, they still hold our hands,
Beside us, they always stand;
Reminding us constantly to rock and roll
Is the life within our souls.

Photo by Jill Wellington on

Never Let Her Die

I still remember the day
She took her flight;
Promising herself for each of her tear to pay
She became her own armour, her own knight.

Striving through the sweat and knives;
Dodging every thorn as simply as flying a kite.
Tasting the honey from oh-so-easy beehives;
She fights for herself, all day and night.

Sitting at the edge of a seashore;
A beautiful wave came so alluring.
She tries hard to let go but it was so tough to ignore;
Drowning inside, she felt herself adoring.

Beauty was dangerous,
She knew it too well.
Yet, she fell into the fuss,
‘I got this.’ is all she could tell.

She never knew how to swim
But, getting her senses, making efforts;
She tries to get up to the brim,
Trying to leave the beauty even tho it hurts.

She figured out, she couldn’t leave the sea;
She couldn’t let herself fall in either.
An amazing idea popped up;
She learned to swim and fly altogether.

Yes, A fear of losing her was always there
But, she never let her fear guide her;
Setling everything up layer by layer
She never let her originality stir.

At the end of the day
It was all she could say;
“Diving in the lows, or flying in the highs,
All I gotta do is to Never Let Her Die.”

Photo by alexandre saraiva carniato on

Whether you fall or fly, All that matters is to never let yourself die.



A rush in a misty background
Hustling and bustling until our existence slit;
Eating us up without any sound
And we agree unknowingly without throwing any fit.

Maybe we could ignore it all
And focus on the foreground;
Can we please do it before we fall?
And find a way to break the spellbound.

Love and magic is in the air
We breathe it only to exhale it all;
Enjoying a human-made fair
How we ignore the supreme-made waterfall.

Holding an imaginary wand
Swish away the mist from the battleground;
Entering a self-created dreamland
Can we together find a way to smash this spellbound?

Photo by S Migaj on

A moment without any background, is a moment with you as a foreground.

~ Muserista

Make It Through

Wandering through the green grasses
Sometimes I think what I am;
Cleaning my Granny’s glasses
I wonder if life is a spam.

Oh damn, maybe these teenage cells
Are kicking at a bad time;
But I still can’t leave my shell
For it can be a crime.

I know I can make it through
Admist the dark jungles;
Crossing all the hurdles blue
I’ll listen to my hearty jingle.

Yes, I’m confused a little,
Maybe it happens naturally sometimes.
But all I know is I’m not this brittle;
I’ll make it through and with all my might.

Let’s love a life and live it solo with life itself 🙂

घर की ओर

चलो आप को एक जवान की कहानी सुनाए
आए जरा अपनी जिंदगी के दो मिनट इस जवान के अनम लगाये

खड़ा है एक जवान सीमा पे
है उसका सीना गर्व से तान
खुद की जान की परवा ना किए दुश्मन को चखाये वो हार ही हार
देश का गौरव है वो एक जवान
जो चला सालो बाद अपने परिवार की ओर
साथ में चले उसकी आन बन और शान

जवान का परिवार गया खुशी से उच्छल
की किसी का बेटा- किसी का पिता आया उनसे मिलने इतनी दूर
तैयारिया करि उन्होन खूब
घर उनका गया मीठा और रोशनी में गया डूब

रास्ते में जवान को मिली हमले की एक खबर
दुश्मन है आया सरहद पार करके वतन के अंदर
जवान पलटा सरहद की ओर
बचाई उसने जान सब साथियो की लगा अपना पूरा जोर

चला जवान वापस अपनी घर की ओर
जैसे ही पाहुचा वो घर के मोड
परिवार दौड़ा उसे तारफ तेज से
बेटे की आखों के आसूं बोले “पापा तुम आके भी ना आए”

P.S. Based on a true story.

Photo by Pixabay on

A Smile is All We Need To Force!

Leaving an imprint of ours;
We keep making circles on the globe.
Getting a few stickers and some scars;
We get through the path of life, So dope!

Moving a day ahead with hope;
Alas! Leaving a day behind we remorse.
Rejoicing our life, having alot to cope;
Even against the mist, A smile is all we need to force.

Happiness and sadness lie in our hand;
What we choose is all we get.
Better to get a smile to append
In a place in this world to bet
On our sparkle eyes making them amend
To keep our memory alive from the day we met.

A burn inside, makes us shine outside;
Even admist the heat course.
All we need is to keep the gloom aside;
Having even nothing in hand, A smile is all we need to force.

Making memories, Smiling along the way!

She Smiles :)

Admist a bloodthirsty-rushing world;
There lives a little sassy girl.
Having wild imaginations and curiosity enwhirled;
Taking cautious steps, she crosses every hurdle.

Yes, she falls and breaks a million times;
But pop herself up every single while.
She smell the cherry even in a field of limes;
Arming herself up with a gun, she smiles and smiles and smiles.

Everyone watches her with fire red eyes;
She gives them a wink and chilli to get the spice.
She sings and dances raising her hand up for some high fives;
She runs after every trophy like a cat chasing a mice.

Yes, she get to see a million lies that make her torn;
But she smashes them up and go on with her drives.
Dancing in a field of roses, she dodge every thorn;
Like a Queen who doesn’t need a King for her thrown, she smiles and smiles and smiles.

Photo by Ali Madad Sakhirani on

The Song of Life

With each passing second
We live a new blue memory;
Dancing and singing we live the flow
Doing alot of fun in a periphery.

Promising our soul to live each moment
We go on and on and on;
Finding life between the grass and the sky
We sing the song of life from the morning till the dawn.

Holding each others hand
we together go ahead;
Creating our bubble in this wide world
Love and joy is what we append.

With each passing second
We fight with a gun lika a don;
Battling in the field of life
We sing the song of life from the morning till the dawn.

Photo by Viktoria Alipatova on


A golden sparrow flew high in the sky,
Burning black crow shook her wealth dry.
Furious fellow only saw a shining lie
While the riches were kept in a priceless heart nearby.

When the burning black crow tried to seize the heart,
A warrior shot him with a dart.
The golden sparrow wanted a new start
But alas! Her strength got divided in parts.

Skint sparrow started to lose hope;
Nope! The warrior didn’t let her elope.
He tied all the shattered parts with a rope
And viewed a merry horoscope.

The golden sparrow again took her flight,
The Ganges beneath her saluted with a warrior, a knight.
She flew high in the sky with Red Fort alongside
Where the Tricolor stood bright.


Photo by Pixabay on