A Reason to Belong

Life if unpredictable and so is anyone in this living world. Everyone’s one of their own unique forms. Nothing, I repeat, nothing is a complete replica of another, there can be similarities but there would be at least one dissimilarity that’ll set you apart. Now, that dissimilarity is your most authentic and cherishable characteristic it defines your identity and gives a reason to your existence. There’s that one district streak glaze in everyone’s gaze that makes it all distinct. People may carry the same heart carrying the same blood type for many but not everything that appears to be the same is actually same.

Don’t you think everyone’s here for a reason That reason is surely not working at Google or Amazon while earning a hard sum of cash, leaving it for your grandchildren and your life is over.. Peace! Harsh reality but most of the people strive for this box life and do the same. Believe me, there must is rather there has to be a specific reason of your existence and only you yourself can find it. Whenever a child says he has to become someone like Albert Einstein or any famous successful personality; people sarcastically laugh and say “good”. Don’t forget he was also one of us and heard the same useless comments from the same category of people maybe just some different faces but the same mentality. If those “people” don’t have the desire to fulfil the reason/mission of their survival doesn’t mean no one actually has to do that mission. Excuses give rise to losers; but always remember that each and every person is born to be a winner the only and most important question is- Do you want to be one? Sacrifice, Pain and hardships are soul of a fighter that turns him into a legend, a winner who wins love, respect and most importantly wins himself; Don’t you think it’s a great deal to trade these three things. At least then you can proudly say that you’ve accomplished the reason to your life and you’ve got ever possible cause to cherish it. Then maybe you would be able to say that I didn’t spend a box life which mostly everyone does and someone who gave the mission of life to me, maybe me myself, would be heartily proud of me now. At last, one very important notification for those who chose to be a winner, please enjoy the journey of the mission as it may appear to be a bloodshed but when you actually walk on it its a garden of roses..(P.s. however for your kind information roses have thorns so be careful and love the flow.
Identity cannot be found or fabricated but emerges from within when you have the courage to make it. -Doug cooper

The Bonding Between Happiness and Success

We usually get entangled between the two most peculiar terms i.e. happiness and success. People often tend to link these two terms and find them as interdependent to each other. However, the irony of reality is that it is hard to find a person who is both happy and successful.

First of all, let’s get a clear idea of what factually success is. So my dear amigos, after hearing to numerous people about their aim of life, I finally came to a conclusion that success can have distinct definitions among diverse people. Some believe it is notion to be able to earn the green notes. For other dissimilar people, it can be to form a loving family and some loyal friends. A few category of people also regard travelling and exploring the world as success. Certain responsible indivisuals may feel that it refers to being helpful towards the society and proving a contribution to the world on behalf of mankind. Hence, we see that success for different indivisuals can be as selfish as a family, as greedy as money, as naïve as happiness and love and as resposible as welfare of the society. Altogeher, if we look at the term ‘success’ from a general perspective we conclude that- Success is any goal probably tough as catching a butterfly or simple as picking up a stone.

Now, I believe we all know what happiness means…. or maybe not? Well, this word appears to be as simple as a duck, but don’t forget that a simple looking duck keeps on paddling its feet in the water which on looking closely isn’t as simple as it appears to be. Various homo-sapiens exclaim atleast once in a while that “I am happy today!” or probably “I am in a good mood today.” But, what do they actually mean by saying that? Honestly speaking, Happiness is a state of mind or particularly an emotion and we all know that emotion is another category of the world which presently is short of word, but is embraced with a bag full of feels.

Well, now if we examine closely we see that one word means accomplishment of a goal and another is an emotion. So my friend, on relating the two terms we can probably get to keep happiness as a goal/aim which on accomplishment can relate it to success or we can assume that on completing a goal a person feels the joy of success. But, here comes the irony into play. If a person completes a task and has attained success, shouldn’t he be in a state of ebullience. No! Human is not that simple organism who feels contented on just accomplishing one task. After completing one, he wants to complete two more, then three more and the number keeps on increasing the date of his funeral. Human is never satisfied, even if he breaks a star and get it on Earth, he would next be planning to attack the moon, then a planet and going upto an infinitely many items in the never-ending list. This is why I am stating that never ever relate two extreme terms like happiness and success together, as both of them have a separate identity which can cause a disaster together.

At last, Be happy even when you get the smallest reason to be; You are existing and got a chance to be a part of this magical world is your biggest reason or say excuse to be happy! Also, success is a never-ending journey, so celebrate it on climbing each stair of the ladder as you never know how long it will take to reach the next step of the endless ladder. But, just a suggestion, keep climbing this ladder else your existence would be boring or rather pointless!

Thank You!

Hello Socializing, Thanks Modernizing!

Hello, such a small five letter word, though very tough for some to spell. A few years ago, we didn’t even know the meaning of a stranger. If we closely look at the definition of the word “stranger”, it states a person who is unfamiliar to you. But, tell me, aren’t we all just the same? The same nose, eyes, hands and legs. Now if a small nose is familiar to you, does it make the fat nose unfamiliar, or particularly a stranger! Humans, some may be fat, thin, tall or short. Does just change of some hereditary characteristics make you a stranger to someone? People, we are ‘The Humans’ whom we ourselves narcissistically termed as the most civilised, social and educated species in the world. We say humans are developing day by day whereas it seems that they are just getting busier. Earlier, greeting each other came naturally. But now, we just greet our family and friends and some don’t even consider doing that. Isn’t it better to stay away from this kind of development?

Interestingly, even when two strange dogs unite they have a tendency to stare and bark at each other. Just because they are barking at each other people assume that they are abusing or fighting with each other but if we don’t understand their language or actions doesn’t mean they are unsocial or uneducated. Education isn’t reading those thick manuscripts or science theories; It’s about the application of knowledge. Humans may have the access to knowledge by those things but don’t you think there must be certain other methods for other organisms as well. In all, just remember that, if we are too proud of being social animals then let’s not leave that title and stop moving towards the category of normal animals. If we are special, we must prove we are and continue to be it.

The modern period has made us all advanced. It taught us plenty of new technologies and made us familiar with the virtual word. This new world may seem to be adorable and alluring, but don’t get too lost in this new puzzle my friend; don’t let it separate you from the real world. After all, isn’t a real diamond better and more worthy than the fake one. On social media, we all are brothers. But in real life, we barely recognise each other, or even if we do, we ignore. I mean why? Why can’t the best buddies on virtual world be even buddies in the former one? Or maybe just say a hello. Believe me, it can make a difference. Get on to it now, don’t wait until you lose it all.  

Ever noticed a small baby, he adores every single thing he looks at with so much of curiosity. A tiny smile of that newly welcomed creature can make your entire day cheerful. A small thank you, welcome, excuse me, please, sorry and most importantly hi, keeps us all connected and happy. A really teensy-weensy ‘hello aunty’ can make her day and yours too. At that moment you may feel,” Oh! Just let it go; Why should I say hello.” But you realise it later that if I would have said hello or thank you, had it changed it all? Greeting doesn’t make you a low person, on contrary it adds you up to a superior category. For example, Mr. Narendra Modi, he always says “hello, friends!” Does he personally know you all, regardless he treats you as a friend not a stranger. We used to be mankind; it seems like only man is left now.

In a nutshell, you must remember that one of your sweetest smiles can reproduce many of those on certain dull bland faces. Some ignorable yet unignorable pleasantries can turn your and many others’ entire life upside down. How developed and modern we may be, that sugary smile of yours is incomparable. Please fiercely deny to make your life sugar-free. Dieting of food is acceptable but never try to diet your life. Each of us is important, be it poor or rich, smiles of both are as pleasing as a night sky full of stars. Always remember that you are important and so are all others.

Picture Souce- Google

An Evergreen Friend!

Ku-Ku as a morning alarm clock,
A hearty breeze as a goodbye kiss.
Keeping company of the complete flock,
Enriching us with a joyful bliss.

For those who are feeling lonely,
Also those who suffered a heart trigger.
Healing all of us solely
With its own quirky warmth and vigour.

Never leaving even a single bug alone,
Following all our darkest shadows.
Still guessing the one whom you have always known?
Stop Guessing! It’s everywhere from your blue highs to green lows.


Thousands and millions of thoughts each day,

What a wonderful sight in our own imaginary way.

A mix of peace and excitement,

Sparkle flowing in our mind with its own unique scent.

Don’t let your own unique scent go away, because thoughts are always the best even if it’s yours or mines yestarday’s or today’s.

~ Muserista ♡
Image source – Pinterest

A wish to be free!

Sometimes I really wish to be
A bear in a peaceful cave.

Close my eyes and count 1,2,3
But I am still in an Enclave.

I am not tied but still wish to be free;
Peace is all for I Crave.
On a joke, I chortled – hee
Mother said – behave!

Can I run away from this judging world
Where you can not even cackle?
Where everyone is so reserved
Fighting for an unknown battle.

Maybe we can check the Underworld,
I hope there we can dazzle.
There most of us can unfurl
And be a horse unlike a sheep in a cattle.

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