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A rush in a misty backgroundHustling and bustling until our existence slit;Eating us up without any soundAnd we agree unknowingly without throwing any fit. Maybe we could ignore it allAnd focus on the foreground;Can we please do it before we fall?And find a way to break the spellbound. Love and magic is in the airWeContinue reading “A SPELLBOUND”

Hello Socializing, Thanks Modernizing!

Hello, such a small five letter word, though very tough for some to spell. A few years ago, we didn’t even know the meaning of a stranger. If we closely look at the definition of the word “stranger”, it states a person who is unfamiliar to you. But, tell me, aren’t we all just theContinue reading “Hello Socializing, Thanks Modernizing!”

One Life

One tender life,Such brisk world.No time to revive,Take a safe swirl. Million of memories cherished,Regrets kept out of the league.Joy is all replenished,Sadness is sick of fatigue. One tiny life,Love-hate twirled.Hate receives the knife,Love is all that pearl. Pinch of maturity garnishedIn cradle of baby Jig.Wrinkled skin planned to nourish,Life asked HIG ?

Success – A melodramatic journey!

Happiness, Victory, ProsperitySuccess – a form of responsibility! Every single person in this world wanna be successful in life. But, Do you even know the meaning of success? It is not only about fame and prosperity. It’s a responsibility to be an idol and lead the globe in a right direction. There are two pathsContinue reading “Success – A melodramatic journey!”