Success is not a day,It’s a journey.Not even does winning But even failure defines its glory. People ask the definition of successto get it, they make a huge mess.Sitting on a chair,They crave and craveTill the day they get white hairPreparing their beautiful grave. My friend, We get successful every now and then;I.e accomplishment ofContinue reading “THE DEFINITION OF SUCCESS”

The Bonding Between Happiness and Success

We usually get entangled between the two most peculiar terms i.e. happiness and success. People often tend to link these two terms and find them as interdependent to each other. However, the irony of reality is that it is hard to find a person who is both happy and successful. First of all, let’s getContinue reading “The Bonding Between Happiness and Success”

Books – a greater wonder!

Settled in a stressful parkSearching for some words that rhythm,Preparing to score a benchmarkListening to a melodious hymn. English, maths, science, historyStudying would make us bold,Alien planet is still a mysteryAnyone interested to mould? Learning make us knowledgeableCramming is such a blunder,Let us do our phones disableBooks are waiting, full of wonder!

Success – A melodramatic journey!

Happiness, Victory, ProsperitySuccess – a form of responsibility! Every single person in this world wanna be successful in life. But, Do you even know the meaning of success? It is not only about fame and prosperity. It’s a responsibility to be an idol and lead the globe in a right direction. There are two pathsContinue reading “Success – A melodramatic journey!”

Relation of Failure and Glory!

Travelling a path towards fame, Climbing up a mysterious staircase. A bunch of people struggling down to earn their name, Require some passion to enjoy the tricky race. An eye on my untied shoelase, A snake pulled me down. Self realization of this cunning journey heading ace, Starting again to win the crown. Failure teachesContinue reading “Relation of Failure and Glory!”

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