Childhoon – A Golden Era!

Childhood really seems a fable storySearching to attain some glory,A tiny creature, a tender heartA long journey’s remarkable part. Two kind hands in a pure soulRunning free like a lovely mole,A pinch of passion in those sparkle eyesWith no requirement of hair colour dyes. No rules, No stress, No competitionEvery mistake forgiven without any petition,Alas!Continue reading “Childhoon – A Golden Era!”

School- A place where our soul lives!

Running in the corridor like a troll Dancing in the washroom full of soul, Withstanding those long boring lectures Desks were our sheets that made us sketchers. School is a place better than heaven Backbenchers are each others loyal weapon, Chasing our class teachers like a thief We were bent on making mischief. Eating, learning,Continue reading “School- A place where our soul lives!”

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