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Hi! I am muserista; proudly a citizen of Earth trying to make world a better place. Let’s all get started together to make the globe a brighter star. Keeping aside the different nationalities and languages let us build a new world full of joy and happiness. After all we all belong to the same category of human beings have similar appearances. Come let us combine our hearts and brains to fulfill this beautiful world with some bright colours of love and peace.

We all are firstly citizens of Earth before being a citizen of any country or town. God decided us to be on earth is a blessing in itself, let’s not waste this blessing and thank god to give us such a fabulous place to live. Let life decide where we can go but we must work hard so that life makes a good decision.

People keep wondering what life actually is, but they forget living life. So let us enjoy this amazing creation of the supreme being for us and live every single moment of it. The phrase ‘ Enjoy the little things! ‘ explains it all.

Majorly, I created this page to spread some of my own thoughts that may help you in some or the other way. If any of you is good in poetry or writing and has better imaginative and bright ideas can contact me for collaboration. Also if you do not like any of my posts or blogs are free to write their suggestions in the comment section. After all, We all are free to learn more and more and there are no limits… one can be better and better day by day as there is no end point of success.

In a world so big, there are so many things for us to do. Satisfaction is i guess just a symbol of giving up. There is no end to success. But here comes the contrast… actually i would say that if a person is able to draw a line between satisfaction and greed it would be success. A deep thought though… hope you will understand what message i wanna convey.

Let’s make this beautiful world an even more lovely place.

Sharing this one with you has a deep meaning actually. If you observe closely… there are so many colors in this eye and those colors are splashing out and making the surroundings colourful.

Anyone interested in collaboration can mail me their ideas at:

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