She Smiles :)

Admist a bloodthirsty-rushing world;
There lives a little sassy girl.
Having wild imaginations and curiosity enwhirled;
Taking cautious steps, she crosses every hurdle.

Yes, she falls and breaks a million times;
But pop herself up every single while.
She smell the cherry even in a field of limes;
Arming herself up with a gun, she smiles and smiles and smiles.

Everyone watches her with fire red eyes;
She gives them a wink and chilli to get the spice.
She sings and dances raising her hand up for some high fives;
She runs after every trophy like a cat chasing a mice.

Yes, she get to see a million lies that make her torn;
But she smashes them up and go on with her drives.
Dancing in a field of roses, she dodge every thorn;
Like a Queen who doesn’t need a King for her thrown, she smiles and smiles and smiles.

Photo by Ali Madad Sakhirani on

6 thoughts on “She Smiles :)

  1. A wonderful poem shared. A gift of a poem for you.
    “When she smiled, she make the world seem more joyful.
    When she laughed, the world seem more lighter.
    When she speaks, I feel blessed by the gentleness of her words.
    When she smiled. She make me smile too.”

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