जिंदगी की यादे !

कैसी सी है ये जिंदगी! यह हम सोचले हैं कभी-कभी। बीते दिन जब दिल तोड़ आँसू बहात थे, उन्ही को याद कर मुस्कुराते है। यार-दोस्तों के साथ जो हस कर खिलखिलाते थे, उसी की याद में आज रोते है। कल जी घर में हम तमाशा करते थे, आज उस ही तमाशे को हम ही रोकतेContinue reading “जिंदगी की यादे !”

An Evergreen Friend!

Ku-Ku as a morning alarm clock,A hearty breeze as a goodbye kiss.Keeping company of the complete flock,Enriching us with a joyful bliss. For those who are feeling lonely,Also those who suffered a heart trigger.Healing all of us solelyWith its own quirky warmth and vigour. Never leaving even a single bug alone,Following all our darkest shadows.StillContinue reading “An Evergreen Friend!”

A Pink sea Craft!

Everyone is blessed,Still no one’s perfect.World’s so stressed,Waste eyes till cataract. It’s easy to cut off,Hard to accept.Neither all is Tiger ShroffNor their moon walk that apt. Tough to find those,Who are beautiful at back.A cherry face everyone expose!But a sweet heart mostly lack. Even tho it’s Kalyug,Humanity is a bit left.Only a pinch ofContinue reading “A Pink sea Craft!”

Maybe there was a reason!

An unknown soul left my hand,Unfortunately couldn’t leave my heart.I tried to take my catch andIt slid and went apart. Maybe there was a reasonTo leave me here alone.Must be something to this treasonElse it wouldn’t leave me lone. It vanished in those thunder clouds,That are too high for me to reach.Shouted its name quiteContinue reading “Maybe there was a reason!”

A Step Down <3

Not everyday is yours to shine, Sometimes the spotlight gets blur. After a moment it still gets fine, Coz no wound has no cure. Every individual is a separate rockstar, You’re the top class one. There’s no such narcissist like ours, Everything’s perfect, it’s just like done. Take a second or two to revive, CozContinue reading “A Step Down <3”

Step Up !

Just about to fall down the mountain,One foot stopped me.Heart sighed- ‘It would be a life stain’,Confused me and their came a honey bee.Reminded me not to lose my brain,Thinking-Thinking and the bee flew ‘whee!’. Grip the step up,Millions of hopes on me still detain.Other step upCoz their support can’t just go vain.Signal them toContinue reading “Step Up !”

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