A Reason to Belong

Life if unpredictable and so is anyone in this living world. Everyone’s one of their own unique forms. Nothing, I repeat, nothing is a complete replica of another, there can be similarities but there would be at least one dissimilarity that’ll set you apart. Now, that dissimilarity is your most authentic and cherishable characteristic it defines your identity and gives a reason to your existence. There’s that one district streak glaze in everyone’s gaze that makes it all distinct. People may carry the same heart carrying the same blood type for many but not everything that appears to be the same is actually same.

Don’t you think everyone’s here for a reason That reason is surely not working at Google or Amazon while earning a hard sum of cash, leaving it for your grandchildren and your life is over.. Peace! Harsh reality but most of the people strive for this box life and do the same. Believe me, there must is rather there has to be a specific reason of your existence and only you yourself can find it. Whenever a child says he has to become someone like Albert Einstein or any famous successful personality; people sarcastically laugh and say “good”. Don’t forget he was also one of us and heard the same useless comments from the same category of people maybe just some different faces but the same mentality. If those “people” don’t have the desire to fulfil the reason/mission of their survival doesn’t mean no one actually has to do that mission. Excuses give rise to losers; but always remember that each and every person is born to be a winner the only and most important question is- Do you want to be one? Sacrifice, Pain and hardships are soul of a fighter that turns him into a legend, a winner who wins love, respect and most importantly wins himself; Don’t you think it’s a great deal to trade these three things. At least then you can proudly say that you’ve accomplished the reason to your life and you’ve got ever possible cause to cherish it. Then maybe you would be able to say that I didn’t spend a box life which mostly everyone does and someone who gave the mission of life to me, maybe me myself, would be heartily proud of me now. At last, one very important notification for those who chose to be a winner, please enjoy the journey of the mission as it may appear to be a bloodshed but when you actually walk on it its a garden of roses..(P.s. however for your kind information roses have thorns so be careful and love the flow.
Identity cannot be found or fabricated but emerges from within when you have the courage to make it. -Doug cooper

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