A Smile is All We Need To Force!

Leaving an imprint of ours;We keep making circles on the globe.Getting a few stickers and some scars;We get through the path of life, So dope! Moving a day ahead with hope;Alas! Leaving a day behind we remorse.Rejoicing our life, having alot to cope;Even against the mist, A smile is all we need to force. HappinessContinue reading “A Smile is All We Need To Force!”

The Poor, The Rich!

The poor, The richWho is more likely to hit the shore?A candle light dinner with a lich,Family gathering is much adored. Love brings us a cherry smile,Money helps fake love refine.True friendship doesn’t need a business account file,Just a glow to heart that shine. The poor, The richTens you have millions you want more,Even theContinue reading “The Poor, The Rich!”

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