The Fear to Die!

The fear to die

Kills you everyday,

It makes you cry

From night to day.

The fear to die

Takes your soul away,

Telling your strength – ” Bye! ”

And cowardice to stay.

The fear to die

Stops your heart to play,

Where negativity supply

Makes your life to sway.

Relation of Failure and Glory!

Travelling a path towards fame,

Climbing up a mysterious staircase.

A bunch of people struggling down to earn their name,

Require some passion to enjoy the tricky race.

An eye on my untied shoelase,

A snake pulled me down.

Self realization of this cunning journey heading ace,

Starting again to win the crown.

Failure teaches this maze better,

Defeat is a part of victory.

Start again from A – letter,

Z is still far, work some for glory!

Love, Money and Happiness

We are currently living in a running world. We are just running like trolls. Have you ever asked anyone or even yourself – Why am i running? Where is my final destiny? Can I pause? If anyone knows the answer to these questions you can please convey the same to me too. Actually, the current situation of us human beings is that we are blindly running… we don’t know where we want to go… we are just running and running… and the main reason we are not able to take a halt is that… we fear. We think that if we stop for a while we will lose the race. But have you ever questioned that when will this race end? Where is the medal for the first prize?

Life is a game not a race. The person who takes it with the flow wins the first prize. Yes, I know that we don’t get any medal for this but happiness is no less than a medal.

1) Why and where are we running?

Everyone on the globe wanna be successful. We all are running towards success. We all are running towards happiness, love, money and most importantly ‘us’. Yes, we are running towards ourselves. We wanna make a contact with our soul. That is ‘ Death’. Death is quite a negative word i must say. But, if we observe it carefully, it’s not that negative maybe. We all only have a hundred years to live. After that, no one knows where we go. But i guess, life is short… enjoy it… why to waste even a single second thinking of our afterlife. Whatever happens… we will see dude. What to worry about. And what is the fear. It’s just that we don’t wanna lose our close ones. But actually you go near them. Now this is a bit complicated… we will take this up later.

2) Why do we fear to pause?

All of us including our family members and other loved ones are a part of this mysterious race. We don’t fear to lose the race but we fear to lose our loved ones. We think that if we pause our nearest people may not stop for us. But just think for a second, aren’t they human beings… don’t they wanna pause and aren’t they afraid of losing you? Think about it I hope you’ll get your answer. And I must tell you that if you pause and some of your close ones go, let them go… they don’t deserve you.

What is the prize of doing well in this mysterious race?

I hope most of us have heard of – heaven and hell. Though i guess we don’t believe it but for me i think that is the prize. Living a life showing some love and kindness towards others is no less than performing good in this game. So making it clear and a bit imaginative, spreading love in our life takes us to heaven in our afterlife. And hence vice versa that spreading hate takes us to hell. But, such a beautiful world we are living in right now, why do we have to spread hate. Live life peacefully and happily!

At last, If by chance I hurt your feelings… I herbaly apologise. It is kind of very deep and imaginative topic so it’s all on us what we think. We can take it as we want. 🙂

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