An Evergreen Friend!

Ku-Ku as a morning alarm clock,
A hearty breeze as a goodbye kiss.
Keeping company of the complete flock,
Enriching us with a joyful bliss.

For those who are feeling lonely,
Also those who suffered a heart trigger.
Healing all of us solely
With its own quirky warmth and vigour.

Never leaving even a single bug alone,
Following all our darkest shadows.
Still guessing the one whom you have always known?
Stop Guessing! It’s everywhere from your blue highs to green lows.


Thousands and millions of thoughts each day,

What a wonderful sight in our own imaginary way.

A mix of peace and excitement,

Sparkle flowing in our mind with its own unique scent.

Don’t let your own unique scent go away, because thoughts are always the best even if it’s yours or mines yestarday’s or today’s.

~ Muserista β™‘
Image source – Pinterest

A wish to be free!

Sometimes I really wish to be
A bear in a peaceful cave.

Close my eyes and count 1,2,3
But I am still in an Enclave.

I am not tied but still wish to be free;
Peace is all for I Crave.
On a joke, I chortled – hee
Mother said – behave!

Can I run away from this judging world
Where you can not even cackle?
Where everyone is so reserved
Fighting for an unknown battle.

Maybe we can check the Underworld,
I hope there we can dazzle.
There most of us can unfurl
And be a horse unlike a sheep in a cattle.

A Pink sea Craft!

Everyone is blessed,
Still no one’s perfect.
World’s so stressed,
Waste eyes till cataract.

It’s easy to cut off,
Hard to accept.
Neither all is Tiger Shroff
Nor their moon walk that apt.

Tough to find those,
Who are beautiful at back.
A cherry face everyone expose!
But a sweet heart mostly lack.

Even tho it’s Kalyug,
Humanity is a bit left.
Only a pinch of red drug
Is enough to make a pink sea craft.

Think once ♀

People always give us some advice,
One of them is to think twice.
Prevention is better than later cries,
If u wanna go to paradise

But ignore them and live ur very life,
Every person gets only one time,
When he could crave for all his cries.
Why waste time to think twice ?
Why wait to go to paradise ?

We can make Earth a paradise
With some sweet and sour and bitter cries.
Instead of prefix we be suffice,
So think once as twice will cost you thrice !

You create the lamp that provides you with theΒ  lamplight to shine !

Maybe there was a reason!

An unknown soul left my hand,
Unfortunately couldn’t leave my heart.
I tried to take my catch and
It slid and went apart.

Maybe there was a reason
To leave me here alone.
Must be something to this treason
Else it wouldn’t leave me lone.

It vanished in those thunder clouds,
That are too high for me to reach.
Shouted its name quite aloud,
Clouds were huge, my scream breached.

Maybe there was a reason
To push me down in hell.
Must be something to this treason
Perhaps the heaven’s worse as well.

~ Muserista β™‘

A Step Down <3

Not everyday is yours to shine,

Sometimes the spotlight gets blur.

After a moment it still gets fine,

Coz no wound has no cure.

Every individual is a separate rockstar,

You’re the top class one.

There’s no such narcissist like ours,

Everything’s perfect, it’s just like done.

Take a second or two to revive,

Coz loss can cost you high to endure.

There’s no such thing like failure that’s live,

Just a step down that can be healed by taking two more.

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