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Pages of Our Life

Everyday brings a new way of life;Every year cherishes a distinct franchise.Trying to make the bitter memories better;We store our lovely laughter’s letters. Sometimes, flipping our previous pages;Maybe stuck on thinking to get more wages.Stacking each second like honey in a beehive;That’s how we beautify the pages of our life. Days go by when weContinue reading “Pages of Our Life”

Never Let Her Die

I still remember the dayShe took her flight;Promising herself for each of her tear to payShe became her own armour, her own knight. Striving through the sweat and knives;Dodging every thorn as simply as flying a kite.Tasting the honey from oh-so-easy beehives;She fights for herself, all day and night. Sitting at the edge of aContinue reading “Never Let Her Die”

घर की ओर

चलो आप को एक जवान की कहानी सुनाएआए जरा अपनी जिंदगी के दो मिनट इस जवान के अनम लगाये खड़ा है एक जवान सीमा पेहै उसका सीना गर्व से तानखुद की जान की परवा ना किए दुश्मन को चखाये वो हार ही हारदेश का गौरव है वो एक जवानजो चला सालो बाद अपने परिवार कीContinue reading “घर की ओर”

A Smile is All We Need To Force!

Leaving an imprint of ours;We keep making circles on the globe.Getting a few stickers and some scars;We get through the path of life, So dope! Moving a day ahead with hope;Alas! Leaving a day behind we remorse.Rejoicing our life, having alot to cope;Even against the mist, A smile is all we need to force. HappinessContinue reading “A Smile is All We Need To Force!”

She Smiles :)

Admist a bloodthirsty-rushing world;There lives a little sassy girl.Having wild imaginations and curiosity enwhirled;Taking cautious steps, she crosses every hurdle. Yes, she falls and breaks a million times;But pop herself up every single while.She smell the cherry even in a field of limes;Arming herself up with a gun, she smiles and smiles and smiles. EveryoneContinue reading “She Smiles :)”