अब किनारा दूर नहीं

समुद्र से कूदे तो थे यह सोच कर कि यहां अपनी पहचान ढूंढ लेंगे एक बनकर, तैरते तैरते वह एक छोटा होता गया पर हम रुके हम ना झुके, यही सोच के बढ़ते रहे कि अब किनारा दूर नहीं। अब मंजिल को चीर जाना है, रुक कर समय नहीं गंवाना है। थकना हमने सीखा नहीं,Continue reading “अब किनारा दूर नहीं”

A Reason to Belong

Life if unpredictable and so is anyone in this living world. Everyone’s one of their own unique forms. Nothing, I repeat, nothing is a complete replica of another, there can be similarities but there would be at least one dissimilarity that’ll set you apart. Now, that dissimilarity is your most authentic and cherishable characteristic itContinue reading “A Reason to Belong”

The Bonding Between Happiness and Success

We usually get entangled between the two most peculiar terms i.e. happiness and success. People often tend to link these two terms and find them as interdependent to each other. However, the irony of reality is that it is hard to find a person who is both happy and successful. First of all, let’s getContinue reading “The Bonding Between Happiness and Success”

Hello Socializing, Thanks Modernizing!

Hello, such a small five letter word, though very tough for some to spell. A few years ago, we didn’t even know the meaning of a stranger. If we closely look at the definition of the word “stranger”, it states a person who is unfamiliar to you. But, tell me, aren’t we all just theContinue reading “Hello Socializing, Thanks Modernizing!”

An Evergreen Friend!

Ku-Ku as a morning alarm clock,A hearty breeze as a goodbye kiss.Keeping company of the complete flock,Enriching us with a joyful bliss. For those who are feeling lonely,Also those who suffered a heart trigger.Healing all of us solelyWith its own quirky warmth and vigour. Never leaving even a single bug alone,Following all our darkest shadows.StillContinue reading “An Evergreen Friend!”

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