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Like a Beam of Light

It passes byLike a beam of light;Helping us to flyWith courageous fight. With sound of a tick and tockIt goes on and on;For any of us it never stopsBe it John or Shawn. Some try to go behind it,Many try to go beyond.Only those who match the pace can fitOr those who find a magicContinue reading “Like a Beam of Light”

जिंदगी की यादे !

कैसी सी है ये जिंदगी! यह हम सोचले हैं कभी-कभी। बीते दिन जब दिल तोड़ आँसू बहात थे, उन्ही को याद कर मुस्कुराते है। यार-दोस्तों के साथ जो हस कर खिलखिलाते थे, उसी की याद में आज रोते है। कल जी घर में हम तमाशा करते थे, आज उस ही तमाशे को हम ही रोकतेContinue reading “जिंदगी की यादे !”

The Photograph of My Life

A sweet life, savour all memoriesBe it bitter or sour;All the days of your life it seesBe it one, two or more. Taking a snapshot of our everydayThe journey proceeds in its usual way.Where we were found to besinging, laughing and dancing in whee! In a photograph or our memory,A life is saved from theContinue reading “The Photograph of My Life”


Success is not a day,It’s a journey.Not even does winning But even failure defines its glory. People ask the definition of successto get it, they make a huge mess.Sitting on a chair,They crave and craveTill the day they get white hairPreparing their beautiful grave. My friend, We get successful every now and then;I.e accomplishment ofContinue reading “THE DEFINITION OF SUCCESS”

अब किनारा दूर नहीं

समुद्र से कूदे तो थे यह सोच कर कि यहां अपनी पहचान ढूंढ लेंगे एक बनकर, तैरते तैरते वह एक छोटा होता गया पर हम रुके हम ना झुके, यही सोच के बढ़ते रहे कि अब किनारा दूर नहीं। अब मंजिल को चीर जाना है, रुक कर समय नहीं गंवाना है। थकना हमने सीखा नहीं,Continue reading “अब किनारा दूर नहीं”

A Reason to Belong

Life if unpredictable and so is anyone in this living world. Everyone’s one of their own unique forms. Nothing, I repeat, nothing is a complete replica of another, there can be similarities but there would be at least one dissimilarity that’ll set you apart. Now, that dissimilarity is your most authentic and cherishable characteristic itContinue reading “A Reason to Belong”