A Shot!

Every child wanna grow up
Amusement in their own new way
Grown ups wanna throw up
Maybe they forgot how to sway!

We know that humans have a short memory
They act so differently every single day
One day they laugh, the other day they worry
I don’t know how they do it in a so fine way!

I always wanted to grow up
Light up the world with my wild imaginations
Now the world seems to be a huge wide cup
And I seem to be a little teapot.

Yeah, somewhere i know I would never give up
I think i am ready to be a fatter teapot
I’ll make my imaginations a reality
I don’t know how far I may go, But let’s give it a shot!

Let’s pour it a bit!

3 thoughts on “A Shot!

  1. The child wants the miracle
    of life experience
    the grown-ups
    search for their lost paradise in vain

    the soul brings that to light
    what we wanted to forget
    the future of hope
    stays in the miserable present

    not what i wanted
    is to me despite fantasy
    became a reality
    i was as a kid
    just a thing and am
    just before dying
    not gotten bigger

    i am time
    already in the bud
    in my short time
    on mother earth

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