Dreams to Live!

Dreams seem to be so magical in a sleep, we never know when they’ll appear. Why can’t we build them into reality? Or maybe we can. Some people get dreams of a magical angel, some get of a daring knight. Thinking for a second now, isn’t it boring? Why do we live our dreams only when we are asleep with our eyes closed, where we can justsee what it looks like to live a dream? Why don’t we just take our dreams as a signal by God to make it reality. To all those who are asleep in their dreams and are living such a boring-waste-useless life in reality where they are actually alive. People dreams aren’t just a fascination, these are visuals of our subconscious; i.e. these are those pictures which we wanr our life to be and has that somewhere in our mind but are afraid of the pain and suffering that we have to take to make that true. Yes my friend, I know it’ll be tough-hard-difficult, but if it ain’t hurning, it ain’t helping. I don’t get it why people are scared of failures and sufferings, for me they are the sub-trophies and proofs to us that yes we are working hard and we need to work harder and harder every single day to be the best version of us; To not even leave one solo day where we are worthless and wasted.

So, get up and chase all your dreams like a lion chases a dear, then grab it and live it. I can assure you if you give it you all, your 100%; There ain’t any possible power that can stop you to achieve it. And yes mark my words, I said give it a 100 not so don’t ever slack. My friend, don’t just sit as a wasted trash. I can guarantee you that yes it may be tough at the beginning, but with time you’ll start to love the journey more than your destination. It’ll give you a feeling of contentment and a drive of hunger to grow. It’ll give you an assurance that yes my life is not a waste and I am a useful part of this ecosystem and not a liability, not a freelancer. So get up, and run: Run as fast as no one would be able to catch you up. Run as fast as you could even be able to fly high in the sky; as fast as even gravity wouldn’t be able to bind you up! Its our time now and we must make it. Why? Because when we turn above 90, evaporating on a white mush bed, we can lye at peace that we did something in life, we did something for society, we were born for a good reason. And when I say society, I don’t just mean you , your friends and your family; I mean the whole-freaking-world i.e. the complete globe or maybe farther , the milky way galaxy or even the universe. There ain’t a limit until we create it, So, be an open system and don’t create your boundary. I believe, You can make it!

If you can dream it, You have every right to live it. Only you and you can make it happen- No one else. So go and live a life not just survive it!


4 thoughts on “Dreams to Live!

  1. Wow. It’s a fabulous, very positive, and an inspirational post. It’s just like a catalyst to stir the determination to do something in life and achieve our goals. Thank you so much for sharing great positive thoughts.

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