Hello Socializing, Thanks Modernizing!

Hello, such a small five letter word, though very tough for some to spell. A few years ago, we didn’t even know the meaning of a stranger. If we closely look at the definition of the word “stranger”, it states a person who is unfamiliar to you. But, tell me, aren’t we all just the same? The same nose, eyes, hands and legs. Now if a small nose is familiar to you, does it make the fat nose unfamiliar, or particularly a stranger! Humans, some may be fat, thin, tall or short. Does just change of some hereditary characteristics make you a stranger to someone? People, we are ‘The Humans’ whom we ourselves narcissistically termed as the most civilised, social and educated species in the world. We say humans are developing day by day whereas it seems that they are just getting busier. Earlier, greeting each other came naturally. But now, we just greet our family and friends and some don’t even consider doing that. Isn’t it better to stay away from this kind of development?

Interestingly, even when two strange dogs unite they have a tendency to stare and bark at each other. Just because they are barking at each other people assume that they are abusing or fighting with each other but if we don’t understand their language or actions doesn’t mean they are unsocial or uneducated. Education isn’t reading those thick manuscripts or science theories; It’s about the application of knowledge. Humans may have the access to knowledge by those things but don’t you think there must be certain other methods for other organisms as well. In all, just remember that, if we are too proud of being social animals then let’s not leave that title and stop moving towards the category of normal animals. If we are special, we must prove we are and continue to be it.

The modern period has made us all advanced. It taught us plenty of new technologies and made us familiar with the virtual word. This new world may seem to be adorable and alluring, but don’t get too lost in this new puzzle my friend; don’t let it separate you from the real world. After all, isn’t a real diamond better and more worthy than the fake one. On social media, we all are brothers. But in real life, we barely recognise each other, or even if we do, we ignore. I mean why? Why can’t the best buddies on virtual world be even buddies in the former one? Or maybe just say a hello. Believe me, it can make a difference. Get on to it now, don’t wait until you lose it all.  

Ever noticed a small baby, he adores every single thing he looks at with so much of curiosity. A tiny smile of that newly welcomed creature can make your entire day cheerful. A small thank you, welcome, excuse me, please, sorry and most importantly hi, keeps us all connected and happy. A really teensy-weensy ‘hello aunty’ can make her day and yours too. At that moment you may feel,” Oh! Just let it go; Why should I say hello.” But you realise it later that if I would have said hello or thank you, had it changed it all? Greeting doesn’t make you a low person, on contrary it adds you up to a superior category. For example, Mr. Narendra Modi, he always says “hello, friends!” Does he personally know you all, regardless he treats you as a friend not a stranger. We used to be mankind; it seems like only man is left now.

In a nutshell, you must remember that one of your sweetest smiles can reproduce many of those on certain dull bland faces. Some ignorable yet unignorable pleasantries can turn your and many others’ entire life upside down. How developed and modern we may be, that sugary smile of yours is incomparable. Please fiercely deny to make your life sugar-free. Dieting of food is acceptable but never try to diet your life. Each of us is important, be it poor or rich, smiles of both are as pleasing as a night sky full of stars. Always remember that you are important and so are all others.

Picture Souce- Google

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